Mindfulness is becoming popular in the world mainly because of its power to deal with stress. It can help with other psychological conditions as well, but it is not just a problem-solving tool. It can help you to become mentally tougher, happier, more successful person. It even aids in defining what success means for you🙂. Mindfulness is a set of skills that work together and can help you transform your life to live to your full potential. Think of it like a gym for your brain and your mind.

Dealing with stress, mental toughness and work performance

Yup, I put them all together in one bucket. We are constantly under pressure, it's becoming a way of life. But stress isn't all bad. It also pushes us to do stuff, to go beyond what we thought we were capable. Mental toughness is an important piece to deal with stress without breaking, to rise up when falling and go on with life, career, towards any kind of success.

Mindfulness can help you to relax, chill out and reduce stress. But it can also help you in being more alert and focused to work in spite of challenges that come your way.


All our relationships start with us. Firstly, how we feel about us. If we can be our own best friends, we have it half covered. The other part is actions and reactions towards others, especially when we are not our best.

Mindfulness can help you to really understand and accept your partner and others around and help you to understand yourself and why you react to others the way you do.

Positivity and Happiness

People want to be around positive people, around happy people. It's a fact. For some people it just comes naturally, some of us have to work hard to see the world in colors.

One of the key parts of mindfulness is seeing the world as it truly is, dealing with the bad and appreciating the beautiful. And when you start focusing on the good, you see more and more of it around you, becoming more positive and happy in the process.

Mindfulness is a versatile tool, applicable to many of the areas of our life, including...

  • Personal growth. How to grow up to the challenges you are facing. Be it parenting, career, relationships or anything else
  • Be more productive. Spend less time and energy doing the unproductive thoughts that are just draining you.
  • Eliminate fears. Especially those that you are not really aware of, and are preventing you from achieving your real potential.
  • Deal with negative emotions. By deconstructing them... or by building the ability to focus elsewhere, to avoid the negative influence.
  • Get to know yourself better. What makes you tick. How you work on the inside. For some, the main aim of mindfulness.
  • Be of service to others. Understand others better. And build skills to help without getting tripped by their problems.
  • Insight. You have no idea how many cool ideas you can get, when you can finally silence the noise in the head. Awesome!

At the core of Mindfulness, there are just 3 skills, that work closely together. Being skills means you can improve and get better... get happier, stronger, achieve more and be more... you... the best of you that you can be.

Where to start?

The best way for anything in life is to get someone who has walked the path where you want to go. Want to get in physical shape? Get a fitness coach. Want to build a business? Get a business building coach. Want to get the most out of meditation? Get me 🙂.

Sure, you can read books. I can send you a crate of good books. You can watch YouTube videos with highly useful content 24/7. But what does a coach do? Ask questions. And then prepare a program that meets you where you are, and gets you to where you want to be.

Interested? Let me know, and we'll schedule a free coaching call to see how I can help you.

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